Health Expert’s Amazing Tips To Lose Weight Naturally

Health Expert’s Amazing Tips To Lose Weight Naturally
Does a gap
in your everyday gym schedule lead to immediate weight gain? Then, Anjali
Mukerjee Health Total advises losing weight the natural way. Also, not many
have the time and liking to go to the gym. However, you would be surprised to
know that our kitchen is home to a wide variety of natural and organic food
items that if incorporated in everyday life ensure a healthy and fit body.
These ingredients need to be regularly consumed in smaller amounts. However,
along with the consumption of these ingredients it is essential to exercise
every day. You need not hit the gym, but regular exercising at home can speed
up the weight loss effect. Weight loss is the result of a perfect diet and exercise
schedule. So what are you waiting for? Read more to know what all needs to be a
part of your Indian diet plan for weight loss.
Green tea
inclusion of green tea in our everyday diet is of utmost importance. Two cups
of green tea helps lose weight, especially around the tummy region. Green tea
comprises of three ingredients – caffeine, catechins, and theanine that assist
in losing weight significantly. You can club the tea with ginger or mint. In
addition, to help you get rid of that extra fat, green tea also helps in
enhancing the skin texture.
Health Expert’s Amazing Tips To Lose Weight Naturally



Anjali Mukerjee Health Total suggests drinking ample amount of water. This helps to
keep your stomach full, and curbs the constant craving of hogging on food.
Moreover, it keeps the body hydrated and flushes out any unwanted elements. It
is advised to drink eight glasses of water every day.
Health Expert’s Amazing Tips To Lose Weight Naturally

Warm water along with lemon and honey
This is a
tried and tested natural way of shedding those extra calories. Every morning as
soon as you get up, drink a glass full of warm lemon water mixed with a
spoonful of honey. Start your day with this fantastic combination, and feel
fresh all day long. Take care that the water isn’t too hot. Drinking this
mixture before exercising will undoubtedly accelerate the process of weight
Health Expert’s Amazing Tips To Lose Weight Naturally
helps to maintain the blood sugar level. A stabilized amount of sugar in the
blood ensures that your appetite remains even. Moreover, it also helps in
burning the fat necessary for the proper functioning of the body. A cup of
cinnamon tea every day is sure to provide you the much-needed amount of the
spice to the body. Moreover, it acts as an instant energizer. So whenever you
feel bored at work or home, head to the pantry or kitchen and grab a cup of cinnamon
Health Expert’s Amazing Tips To Lose Weight Naturally
Flax seeds
Rich in
fiber, flax seeds have been used as a digestive for ages. Flax seeds are an
important part of the Indian
diet plan for weight loss
. You just need to roast them and add a pinch of
salt. Have these flax seeds as a mouth freshener, whenever you need. If not,
have them after having a hearty meal. These seeds help to reduce cholesterol
and blood sugar levels. Also, regular consumption of flax seeds helps enhance
the bowel movements, thus ensuring a clean digestive system.
Health Expert’s Amazing Tips To Lose Weight Naturally
leading nutritionist, health expert, and researcher – Anjali Mukerjee is the
Founder and Director of Health Total. She has offered Indian diet plan for
weight loss to various Bollywood actors. According to her,
losing weight is not about skipping diets or avoiding your favorite food. She
simply recommends eating food that is healthy and nutritional. Such food,
according to her, helps to give a boost to your emotional and mental fitness


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