Net Saree Bandwagon: #YourSareeStory

Net Saree Bandwagon: #YourSareeStory
I just came through this #YourSareeStory contest that
was shared by one of my blogger friend on facebook and decided to participate.  The contest just needs to let the world know
any memory that is related to saree.  I hardy
wear saree but surely love to flaunt it very occasionally. I also don’t know to
wear it myself and get it always done by the help of someone or parlour. I can exactly
recollect that I wore it not more than 10 times. Among them I have a little
story to share about my royal blue and fuchsia net saree for my baby’s first
birthday. This is the time that my entered the net saree bandwagon.
I have grown up seeing my mother wear saree most of
the days and the special event are not to talk about. She looked so fab on the
events like festivals, anniversary or any family function. She isn’t too slim
or has a tone body, but I noticed that she looked damn pretty, petite and even elegant
in sari. And that’s how my love for sarees started. Thus, every year I waited
to wear it on Teacher’s Day, dance, etc. For class 10th farewell
saree was mandatory in our school that I had chosen with at most care and
deliberation from my mom’s huge wardrobe collection. Then for marriage I went
shopping for some best and latest design sarees meant for the formal occasions.
Now the best day of life where I obviously wanted to
look my best- My Baby’s 1st Birthday!!! 
baby 1st birthday
Donning a saree on this
occasion truly made me feel and look like a mother of my Lil’ angel.  This instantly got me that grace and the look
to get transformed from a girl to a lady. The lovely saree was gifted by my
hubby and bought from Indore. I had kept this new for 2 years to flaunt it on
some real special occasion and here it was! I got the saree won from parlour,
makeup to suit, messy hairstyle and heels to spell grace. I am petite like my
mom, but saree do look best on any Indian body type.
Get the complete Makeup Tutorial HERE

Here’s a peek into my royal blue and fuchsia net
saree with my Hubby and Baby (Mishti):
royal blue and fuchsia net saree

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