Butterfly In My Balcony: Rainy Season

Butterfly In My Balcony: Rainy Season
I know you must be already
wondering, is the post really related to any product or launch? The answer is “NO”.
Just thought to get a divert
from the regular blogging pattern and share few pics that I clicked as the
rains started.  I honestly can’t remember
when was the last time I got wet in the rains as since 2 years I have been really  too busy with my family. But, this year the
rains in Mumbai have started soon and the relentless rain makes me spent loads
of time just starring at my small grilled window (that I call a- balcony) and sipping my favorite tea/coffee. Few plants
like money plant, aloe-vera, tulsi/basil, ajwain/carom/ bishop’s weed have made
their home in my balcony.

The incessant rain has a
lovely impact on my little “wildlife garden” as well. So maybe the Butterfly loved
this incessant wet weather and visited my balcony.  In spite I have no flowering plants here butterfly
thought others were lovely too. However, hopefully I will try to plant few
blooming plants this year, only if my little one allows (she plucks all the
leaves and even the plants from the roots beneath).

How did you like my photography
? During one of the rainy days, I managed to get a great shot of this lovely
butterfly who visited my balcony. Do leave your comments below!!!

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