Salman Khan On Mobile

Salman Khan On Mobile
Hey all!
Just back from my cousin’s wedding! Had loads and loads of fun meeting most of my relatives – “The Shaw’s”. This was truly an awesome get together and thus I surely didn’t want to miss any of the moments by not getting enough pictures. I practically had my phone on a flight mode for all these 10 days as I didn’t want to get disturbed (#ItsPersonal).
Salman Khan On Mobile App myntra
Salman Khan On Mobile App myntra
But for those ten days, I took a million photos with my Smartphone’s camera. I didn’t carry my camera this, since my lil one would have hardly allowed me to do anything.
Anyway I was thinking technology has now become part of our lives so much that everything we do is related to tech, it got me thinking – I wonder how celebs use technology?


I decided to check on Salman Khan’s habits on Twitter via Smartphone. Salman Khan– the King of Bollywood, may have not that many followers on Twitter, but that’s surely not the case at the box office.
Salman Khan On Mobile App myntra
 Image credit: Behind Talkies

Here are some interesting bits of Trivia

•        Salman Khan’s first tweet was:  “Arbaaz ne kaha ke tweet kar toh banta hai boss.”
•        He started tweeting from April 13, 2010 and does approx 22 tweets per day.
•        He tweets mostly around midnight
•        No hashtag usage in most of them.
•        Salman Khan loves to attach some media to the tweets.
•        You can find most of the links to Instagram having 503K followers.
•        He is an active user of BlackBerry by 65% of the tweets posted from BlackBerry device.
•        He is also frequent on Android device.
So that’s the reality, now here are some of things I imagine…
I’m sure that Salman Khan has a dozen girlfriends or more and he uses a ton of communication apps like WhatsApp to keep them begging for more. With WhatsApp, he can sing to them and attach videos of his killer Bollywood dance moves with them. Pictures, videos and music recordings through WhatsApp are just a few ways that Salman could keep in touch with his lady friends.
Salman Khan has been in the news recently for the wrong reasons but he needs to stay in touch and alert about events that surround him and the latest news updates. IBN Live comes in handy as he can swipe through the latest news on the app and get instant notifications about breaking news and other headlines.
If Salman Khan needs to travel and get to his destinations on time, he would probably use an assistant. But why leave it to them when he can use apps like MakeMyTrip and Goibibo?
Salman Khan loves keeping fit and he can stay trim by counting his calorie with MyFitnessPal and maintaining his strict regime with FitNotes. This will help him shed those calories and ensure that he is following his workout sheet, right before he leaves the house for a cool Bollywood party.
The style icon, Salman Khan has many followers for his clothes and accessories both onscreen and off-screen. You can surely take some awesome styling tips from Salman Khan and buy them via Myntra’s app. Hope you loved reading few facts about Salman using his Smartphone.
Like Salman, my smartphone has to be on my person at all times. I have shopping website app –Myntra on my phone. I just search and order to get it delivered. This is surely the future of shopping in India that’s very convenient. Myntra is a fashion shopping portal that’s going to be a mobile-only platform.

Do express your thoughts on Salman Khan On Mobile. You can also share your views on twitter using hashtag #ItsPersonal.


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