Happy International Women’s Day #SheInspires

Happy International Women’s Day #SheInspires
Wishing Happy International
Women’s Day,
Thank you Jabong
to salute my spirit and also of all other women! #SheInspires
They have
presented me with this lovely inspiring badge on this International Women’s Day
that says:
opinionated isn’t easy,
Being vocal
isn’t easy,
Of course being
women blogger isn’t an easy task for all of us and thus they say – “Being You
is just not easy!
Your journey
altogether wasn’t easy.
You evolved as a
powerful voice on Internet.
We admire your
passion for Being Opinionated, being vocal and just Being You”.
These lovely
words as a woman blogger is surely the best compliment and will help me get
through any obstacles or criticism in future. The badge as a gift defines me
and all the women spirit. Thus I thought to flaunt this on my blog as a best
woman blogger gift.  
Let me just share
few words about how blogging has helped me know myself better and also emerge
as a wonderful woman.
Every woman empowers
her family with perseverance and also the best determination. She endeavours to
realize her dreams for the family each moment. But among these dreams, we
sometimes tend to forget ours. I happened to go through the same phase, and
felt something was missing in my life as I hardly got time to interact to the
outer world and thus unaware of what was happning around! It’s not that I dint love
the time spent with my family but maybe I needed a small little space of my
Then a day I
thought of blogging that was just a sudden spurt decision out of the brain. Why?
How? I knew nothing about it. Just wanted to start and slowly I stated planning
and learning the things. Then after few months realized this could also be monetized
and thus it also helped me with my finances. I started making wise decisions
about the blog and take it more seriously.
Being regular
and determined isn’t too easy task for blogging, as there are other factors
like family, my 9 months lil angel, festivals, chorus etc that are the vital
elements of my life. But, though I make it a point to give best to my lovely readers,
as they rely on the unbiased product reviews on the blog.  Blogging has surely given me a very separate identity
of my own and *** a secret****shuuuuu….Now even Google knows me….I Search my
name often to see it on the first page and feel good about it.  
So, this Women’s
Day, I salute all the women bloggers and wish them a very Happy International
Women’s Day.

Live your

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