OxyLife Crème Bleach Review

OxyLife Crème Bleach Review
What OxyLife Crème Bleach Claims:
OxyLife bleach gives more fresh active oxygen to the face and makes dull, dark and lifeless face come alive instantly. OxyLife crème bleach comes with a unique pre bleach cream that forms a protective shield for even the most sensitive skin and gives you a safe and healthy bleaching experience.

Price and  Quantity of OxyLife Crème Bleach:
Rs 72 for 27 Gms

Shelf life from manufacturing date:
30 months

My view about OxyLife Crème Bleach:
I just  cant stay without  bleach if i have to attend any special occasion. this instantly helps to add extra glow on my face. OxyLife Crème Bleach comes with powder activator that you can mix together to apply on face. this kit also has pre bleach cream that contain  Vitamin E and glycerin to enhances the bleaching effect. The  cream on application  gets quickly absorbed without any  oily residue. then, you can wait for just 2 minutes to apply bleach crème. OxyLife Crème Bleach has nice mild floral fragrance and doesn’t  sting on my skin. also the eyes don’t become watery like other bleach. the texture of Crème is too good and doesn’t form lumps. the colour of the powder activator is  lavender and bleach crème is white. 

after bleaching is done, it doesn’t give stretchy feeling on my face. this instantly adds  radiance and healthy glow to the skin after rinse.  this glow isn’t a fake pale look or something that looks white on the skin. 

pros of OxyLife Crème Bleach:
• adds natural glow on skin.
• mild floral fragrance.
• contains active oxygen for facial brightness.
• no ammonia.
• Pre bleach cream provided in the kit.
• Dosnt sting facial skin.
• No watery eyes.
• doesn’t dry skin after bleaching.
• Suits all  skin.
• good packaging 
• pocket friendly.
• Easy availability.

cons of OxyLife Crème Bleach:

  • none

Rating: 5/5

final verdict for OxyLife Crème Bleach:
this adds a instant glow to the skin and is the best among the many bleach that i have tried so far.

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