Christmas Nail Art Idea with tutorial: Red And Green Gift Tie

Christmas Nail Art Idea with tutorial: Red And Green Gift Tie
Hello my lovely friends,
 Happy holidays
and Merry Christmas! The winters are here and that surely remind us all of the Christmas.
So, I thought of doing a quick nail art design inspired by this festival. Do
leave your views about this tutorial.
I did this is in a real quick time, as I hardly get
some time from my little angel. This is her first Christmas and I am busy planning
for the celebration. Will surely share that with all of you.
I tried to keep this manicure really simple and easy
so that even the very beginner can do it.  So I decide to get inspired by the classic Christmas
gift wrapping designs with red and green colour. 

On the
fingers I have applied Nail Trend Nail Enamel by Reliance in shade 702 with the
green stripes using a toothpick. Revlon Matte Suede Emerald City On the index
finger and strips using the red nail paint. This adds a classic gift tie
style look with the red and green.
This is really simple and looks cute at the same

Did you try doing any nail art for this holiday or
Christmas season? What is your idea on this? Do leave your comments below!

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