Tips and types of Saree Collection

Tips and types of Saree Collection
Planning to buy a saree? I know many question tend to arise in our mind before actually entering the shop. So, below we have listed few questions that generally come to our mind before purchasing any saree be it a wedding, party saree, exclusive, and any event saree.
Questions That Can Arise While Buying A Saree:
·         The Most Popular trend in Wedding Party Sarees?
·         Best Options for selecting Wedding or Party Wear Sarees
·         Which Sarees will look best on me for Wedding Party?
·         Which Sarees will look the Best for Party Wear on me?
·         distinguish Festival Sarees
·         What type of Saree I can Wear on my Wedding?
·         What type Saree to prefer for Party?
·         Which are best Exclusive Sarees?
·         Sarees that make me look Rich.
·         Very Popular trend in Sarees?
·         What are the Types of Sarees?
·         Saree that is Light Weight But makes me look Rich?
The Indian Sarees are popular worldwide as they look cool, beautiful and add a rich look. They are draped on the body in many different styles in various parts of India. Saree is often preferred as an occasional wear in India like wedding party, reception function, other special event, and festivals or even in offices. Saree truly reflects the Indian culture & even traditions. Women draped in beautiful sarees give them a gorgeous and beautiful look.
So, let us talk about few important sarees that are popular like silk sarees, cotton sarees, banarasi saree, designer sarees, etc from different parts of India famous worldwide. 
1. Banarasi Silk Sarees:
This Made in Banaras, Uttar Pradesh. It looks very rich ad is just best for any wedding parties for any age group. They are also famous across the world and even among Hollywood actresses. They are fully in silk made or partially that has golden border. They are very famous in North India.
2. Sambhalpuri Sarees:
This is made from artists and designers of Sambhalpur district, Odisha. This is very artistic and fashionable as well to add gorgeousness to women who prefer wearing it. They are handloom sarees and made from special dye color that stays for entire life of saree. They are also known as Ikkat Sarees.
3. Kanchipuram Sarees:
This is also known as Kanjivaram Sarees that is made in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu from kanjivaram silk. This is the most costly sarees available in India for its best quality silk, durability and beautiful work. This adds rich look in party to make you look even more gorgeous. This is Hand-woven.
4. Chanderi Sarees:

Chanderi Sarees are made in Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh that offers great look and good fabric. Chanderi town is known for handloom industries ad is famous worldwide. This saree is made of cotton and silk threads by hand of weavers that makes it a must in your wardrobe.
5. Dhakai Cotton Sarees:
 They are made from Dhaka, Bangladesh with awesome prints. This is perfect for party wear or wedding. It is also called Jamdani or Bengal Cotton Sarees.
6. Paithani Sarees:
This is made in Paithan, Maharashtra that is also popular abroad. It is made from silk, cotton, golden threads that ha peacock & flowers designs lying on the pallu. This adds a high rich look and is best for wedding sarees and party wear collection.
7. Gota Sarees:
This is also called Gota Work Sarees, Gotedar Sarees that is made in Rajasthan. It has fine embroidery work with golden, silver, copper or other colour ribbons strips. This looks very unique, gorgeous and even adds a rich look. This is best for any wedding, party, festival or even cultural event. They are also available in Designer lehengas online.

8. Bollywood Sarees:
This is the latest trend these days for Bollywood sarees. They are inspired by Bollywood actresses and many other celebrities. You can buy them online or from any good stores to add a glamorous for wedding, party or other events. Buy bollywood sarees online.
9. Designer Sarees:
These saris are made from cotton, tussar, goergette, silk, chiffon, shimmer and are specially designed by renowned fashion designers as per the latest fashion. Buy designer sarees online here.

Hope you loved this article and it helped you to choose the best sarees for any wedding, party, or any big event.

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