Everteen Natural Intimate Wash review

Everteen Natural Intimate Wash review
Today here’s the review of most important hygiene
care product that can be used daily and is ideal for  women.


Let’s take a brief review of Everteen Natural
Intimate Wash to check how this is useful for everyday hygiene use.

Product Description of Everteen Natural Intimate

Everteen Feminine Natural Intimate Wash is approved
by Indian FDA and contains 100% natural active ingredients which make it extra
mild and suitable for all type of skins, Everteen Natural Intimate Wash is
scientifically designed to promote body’s natural vaginal balance and maintain
complete vaginal hygiene. Antimicrobial properties of 100% natural active
ingredients of Everteen inhibit bacterial growth causing vaginal infection,
unpleasant odour and irritation, Daily use of Everteen helps in preventing
vaginal infections and gives relief from consistent itching or burning in
vaginal area, 100% Natural Active Ingredients: Everteen is produced using 100%
natural ingredients which makes it extra mild for all skin types. It does not
contain any harmful chemicals & is also free from soap, SLS & SLES.
Ficus Glomarata: Inhibits growth of E-coli bacteria and vaginal infections.
Butea Frondosa: Covers broad spectrum of anti-bacterial and antifungal
activity. Sphatica: Constrict blood vessels and delivers soothing &
freshening effect. Aloevera: Promotes cell regeneration with anti inflammatory &
moisturising actions. Daily use of Everteen natural intimate wash helps you in
maintaining your intimate health & hygiene. Regular use will prevent
unpleasant Odour, Itching & irritation and Vaginal Infection. It will
protect the natural pH balance and vaginal Flora. It will maintain vaginal
Hygiene, Vaginal Moisture and everyday freshness.
(Product description source: flipkart.com)

Directions to Use Everteen Natural Intimate

Wash your hands and wet external vaginal area. Pour enough
quantity of everteen onto the palm and apply on the area. Rinse thoroughly.
Use this twice for best results after shower and
before sleeping.

Price of Everteen Natural Intimate Wash:

180 INR for 105ml
2 years.
Experience with Everteen Natural Intimate Wash:
Everteen Natural Intimate Wash is valuable in an elegant
transparent plastic bottle with a flip top cap. This shits the bottle tightly
and prevent from spillage. The right size of opening of the bottle helps to get
just the right amount. The Everteen Natural Intimate Wash bottle is very
hygienic to use and travel friendly.
I use Everteen Natural Intimate Wash once a day during
shower. This really makes me feel clean and fresh for the whole day. This helps
to keep the bad odour away and maintain itch-free intimate area. Everteen
Natural Intimate Wash has a transparent and bright yellow colour that has a
jelly consistency. This makes it easy for application. Everteen Natural
Intimate Wash has nice herbal oil smell that really stays with time. It lathers
well and gently cleanses the impurities and infections due to bacteria’s. This
is mild and gentle that soothes the area post-wash. I have sensitive skin and this
is works wonder on my skin, since Everteen Natural Intimate Wash is 100% natural
and extra mild that suits all skin types. This doesn’t cause itching, burning or
allergies and is soap, SLS & SLES free. This is ideal for women intimate hygiene.
 Pros of Everteen Natural Intimate Wash:
Removes dirt
Contains natural ingredients
Lathers well
Suitable for all skin types
Refreshing scent
Friendly packaging
Travel friendly
Keeps odour at bay.
No irritation.
Too Mild and gentle.
Soap, SLS, SLES free

Cons of Everteen Natural Intimate Wash:

for Everteen Natural Intimate Wash:
I repurchase Everteen Natural Intimate
 Yes, a definitely
recommended product for daily hygiene use.***This was a PR sample by “Wet and Dry Personal Care Pvt. Ltd”D. I am not compensated for writing and the review is 100% true and correct as per my experience.

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