Makeup Tips and Ideas for Christmas

Makeup Tips and Ideas for Christmas
 Christmas is about to arrive, together with
lots of decorations. This makes it the perfect time to play around with makeup
and go a little bit bolder than usual, without exceeding, of course, and always
keeping it elegant and natural looking. You can find a lot of free
classifieds on the internet, where you can get all the
stuff you need for your makeup at a very low price, besides getting some tips
on how to use it.

In the meantime, here are a few ideas for
your Christmas makeup.
your brows
This aspect is very important, as brows
are one of the main elements that frame your face together with your hair. So
you should always pay a lot of attention to them, grooming them and shaping
them in a symmetrical way. To emphasize them will be a great way to enhance
your eyes, besides the shape of your face. Always make sure to use a brow
pencil that matches the color of your brows and doesn’t go darker or lighter.
– This is probably the element that will
give your makeup a real Christmas touch. A very trendy thing this Christmas
will be that of blending your grey eye shadow and fuse it with gold, purple,
red or some other christmasy color. This will lead to a new and unique
multi-texture, as no one will have it like yours. Important: keep the shadow
between the crease of your eyes and the lid in order to obtain the perfect
result. If you prefer, you can use metallic eye shadow instead of grey – it
won’t change the great result!
Get a super magnetic look by enhancing
your eyelashes with some extensions. Don’t exaggerate, a few extra single
lashes will be enough to give your eyes that amazing look.
with your shimmer
Christmas is the best time of the year
to use glowy make up. That’s why you should feel free to highlight your eye
makeup by applying some glowy shimmer on your cheek bones, or in the inner
corners of your eyes, between the eye lids and the eye brow. Always make sure
to find the one that matches your skin tone the best, so that it will look very
natural and it will just add a splendid light to your look!
Red is the colour of Christmas. Thus, red should be the colour of your lips
too! A bold red lip stick is exactly what you want for this Christmas, glazed
over with some gloss. Your lips will become simply irresistible!

You can also have a look at this nice video
for more inspiration for an amazing Christmas look.
Image courtesy of imagerymajestic / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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