Movies Back-To-Back

Movies Back-To-Back
Hy my cuties!
Just wanted to share this with you all. these days have been busy watching movies back-to-back, as my hubby is home. he is very fond of movie and so am i. we love to watch all types of movies including masala, short movie, black and white, tollywood,  social, etc..

So here goes the list of them:
1. Boss:

Super-duper masala flick…i love such movies. where you have to keep your brains aside ad watch like tees maar khan, khiladi 786.

2. Shahid:

What a movie. absolutely amazing…no flaws at all! will surely be watching this again.

3. Antardwand:

I know this is new for many, in fact all.But, an amazing award winning movie on a social cause. I have list of such movies. thnx for m hubby1

4.Lavatory – Lovestory:

Such a simple and cute love story. you can watch this here

5. The crush short film:

This is the cutest crush story ever. Do watch it here

Hope you loved reading my share of love. Do share your feedback and experience!!

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