Hair Rebonding — feeling pampered

Hair Rebonding — feeling pampered
After a long long time, my dil ki tammana got over today. Ultimately
I went to rebond my hair and this took 5 hours to complete..Really tiring!  Was very confused since years, since many said
my hair was already straight and I felt the same. Though, I wanted to do this-
poker straight hair. Take a look at my picture:
Suits me na? Had to
share this with all my sweeties, otherwise “mera khana digest nahi hota”.
But, the only problem now is, I have to keep my hair open
for 3 days and avoid getting them wet. Now, how do I take bath?  😀 … can’t even use a clip..This seems to be
a really difficult task,,, suggest me if any of you have done this before…

Hope you liked it… Tc…BB..

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