Fab India Vitamin E De Pigmentation Cream Review

Fab India Vitamin E De Pigmentation Cream Review
Have an oily skin, but still want to use
moisturizer? moisturizers tend to give zits as they tend to clog pores. But this is something I discovered that
has helped to get me rid of many skin problems. Read how useful can this be for
you. Check the review of this no chip
moisturizer here.
Product claims:
A lot of factors such as dirt, aging and poor nutrition can
make your skin lustreless. Get back bright and healthy skin by using this
natural De-pigmentation cream by Fabindia.
Fabindia cream acts as a skin lightener and reduces
pigmentation, tan and spots. By controlling the excess amount of melanin
produced in your skin, this Vitamin E cream is capable of making your skin
visibly lighter within days of use.
Unlike chemical skin
lightening treatments, the Fabindia De-pigmentation cream is devoid of damage
causing bleaches and hydroquinone, thereby keeping your delicate skin unharmed.
Along with skin lightening, the Vitamin E cream can also ease away freckles and
blemishes, keeping your skin clear. By improving the elasticity of the skin,
this natural cream can remove age spots and fine lines, thus giving your skin a
youthful charm. This skin-lightening cream boosts the natural shine of your
skin and provides long-lasting health. Experience flawless skin by using the
Fabindia Vitamin E De-pigmentation Cream.Contains no harmful bleaches, and is
hydroquinone free.

Ingredients: Emulsifying Wax, ‘Kojic
Acid Dipalmitate’ (the miracle constituent), Arbutin (another lightening agent),
Vitamin E, allantoin , parabens 
My view:
Fab India Vitamin E De Pigmentation Cream has worked wonder
for me. Every time I bought moisturizer used to give me loads of pimples on my
face, as I have an oily skin. But this time I succeed to get a perfect one for
me. This actually made my scars lighter, since it has kojic acid included. Its packaging
is as usual as a classic fabindia. Before they provided with the wide mouth round
acrylic, now they have changed it to plastic. This jar is fully filled with the
cream which can even last for 4-5 months. I use it twice daily and still finish
it in 3 months. Fab India Vitamin E De Pigmentation Cream has a very girly fruity
aroma, little like lemony, which makes me feel refreshing. The cream is of the
thick creamy texture. But, after application it blends really well with the
skin without making it look oily. This can even be used as a make-up base
finish. The cream gets absorbed in the skin very quickly and need a little
blending. This makes my skin look smooth and soft, but will start getting
little oily after some hours. But not to worry, it doesn’t give breakouts neither
does it looks like oil on face. I simply am in love with the product; it faded
my scars acne spots. Now this product is used by everyone in my family. It has
also evened the skin color and texture.
Good work Fabindia. Keep it up’!!!
LIKES- Fab India Vitamin E De Pigmentation Cream:
§ Good for blemish and scars
§ No breakout
§ Lingering fragrance
§ evens skin tone
§ Worth the price
§ Large quantity
§ Non- allergic 
§ Good brand
§ Nice packaging
§ Skin friendly
§ Pocket friendly


DISLIKE- Fab India Vitamin E De Pigmentation Cream:
§ becomes oily after sometime
§ contains parabens
Rs. 300 (100ml)
Yes, obviously now I can’t resist without this.
MRBB Rating:

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