10 Things must have for summer!

10 Things must have for summer!
Most of us hate summer, but I am sure you will enjoy this after you actually know the ways to enjoy . The great sunny days are awesome for trips planning especially to beaches, water parks or any other cool place. Summer is associated with brightness, yellowness, neon colors, cool drinks, icecreams, water….wow! Now that i feel jumping into a swimming pool, check the things that can save you or keep you safe in summers.
1. BAGS: 
Most of us forget to know the right quality and material of bag to be used in summer. Here is what I suggest, you should choose either the bags are very comfortable, cotton or jute material or that has less of bling to it. 

2. HATS:
 The must haves for summers. Plenty of color and material choice is available in markets. You can even use bandanas instead of them. Prefer to choose the once that is light colored and is of cotton.

 Keep it as simple as possible. you can try with different updoes, pony tails, braids,etc. Avoid leaving your hair open for sweat and dirt absorption.

Choose them from variety of colors and now even available in neon shades. They are just perfect for summer.  

5. DRESS: 
Dresses that we choose for summer should be light and soft in color. you can choose from whites and pastel shades. Avoid using black color, as they absorb more sunlight and can make you feel hotter (I mean in both the ways!!!hohoho). The dress material could be cotton,chiffon, or Georgette

Important for summer to save your pretty eyes from the UV rays and direct sunlight. choose them in different shades to match your dress and makeup. Keep in mind mind to buy genuine quality, as fakes can lead to more problems.

Very very important for summers and winters as well. They can help you damage to hair, face, shin, etc. Hence always carry a scarf along.

8. MAKE-UP: 
We all want to look glowing and fresh in summer. To get this avoid using foundation during day time. Dab you face with little powder, pink blush, nude lipstick, soft colored nail paint and thats it, you are ready to glow! Donot apply kajal or mascara to get natural pink, dewy, glowy look. Just keep it simple!

Yes, I am definitely coming to it. the must must must have for summer. Donot even dare to step out of house without this. Apply this all over your bod to avoid tan. Oily beauties can use sunscreen in gel based for summer.

Last but no the least, keep yourself hydrates drink plenty of water and drinks (not alcoholic ofcourse). This will maintain the and hydrate your skin. You can choose from variety of drinks, whereas coconut water is considered the best of all.

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  1. Summer is the perfect time to show off your natural beauty and forget the make up! Full, sensual looking lips for example create a look that no make up can imitate.


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