Monday, 1 February 2016

Look Stunning at Your Best Friend’s wedding

Did your best friend just told you about her decision to get married? Worry not we have some amazing tips that will help you look stunning this wedding season. You will surely be busy with your most loved best friend’s wedding plans, shopping, etc and all of a sudden there ticks something in your mind- “what will I be wearing on that special day”? You surely want to make your friend feel special and not get all the attention to you, but at the same time you don’t want to miss the day to flaunt your best!
Thus, we have few tips that will help you achieve perfect look and not looking overboard!

Choose The Colour Wisely: the tangy Orange is the favourite colour this wedding season. When the bride is in white and you’re subtle orange combination with it will look just too perfect.  Choose something with embellishment, sequins to grab the limelight. Wear bold orange pumps to rock the day! 
Look Stunning at Your Best Friend’s wedding

Let Your Best Friend Steal The Show: never try to overdo than your best friend and let her look the most stunning as she is the bride. Let her get most compliments and you being the bridesmaids are sure to look stunning as well. You can choose from many lovely evening dresses for the special role, but avoid something in white.   
Look Stunning at Your Best Friend’s wedding

Sober Hairstyle: keep your hairstyle elegant and avoid more of flowers, glitters or tiaras!
Look Stunning at Your Best Friend’s wedding

Wedding Colour Scheme: you aren’t the bridesmaids or maid of honour? This is surely going to be very beneficial for you, as you can choose a dress to suit your style and figure very well.  Be a part of all your best friend’s stressful chores like choosing an evening dress, selecting accessories, gifting, etc. Remember to match your special dress colour to the wedding colour scheme. 
Look Stunning at Your Best Friend’s wedding

 Maintain Low Tones: want to look your best for the BFF’s wedding? That surely doesn't need you to be extravagance. Keep your style glamorous and avoid wanting a sexy look to not create a cheap image. Wear perfect accessories that will help you lift the style really well. 
Look Stunning at Your Best Friend’s wedding

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