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Puriso Handcrafted Soaps Coral Island Soap review

What Puriso Handcrafted Soaps Coral Island Soap claims?
Puriso Handcrafted Soaps is dedicated to Health and Wellness, which reflects in our product, keeping in tandem with our rich expertise, experience and rigorous research & endeavours in the field of Natural Health & Wellness Puriso Handcrafted Soaps are fragrant works of art, worthy of display and gift-giving. They are available in a wide range of fruity, floral and woodsy fragrances, exuding rejuvenating, relaxing and refreshing aromas. With fragrances that touch that chord somewhere, the gentleness of PurisoHandcrafted Soaps is for you, to truly nourish your body and soul.

Ingredients of Puriso Handcrafted Soaps Coral Island Soap: 

Price of Puriso Handcrafted Soaps Coral Island Soap:
Rs. 300 for 150g

My view about Puriso Handcrafted Soaps Coral Island Soap:
This is a handmade glycerin soap that is 100% vegetarian. This has all natural Ingredients. This soap is not tested on any animals, as it claims.
This comes in a thin transparent plastic case. The colour of the soap is just like any coral island with sea blue and green. The soap spreads very easily on application and lathers very well. The fragrance is just too divine that stays for really long time. The soap on application refreshes the body and soul.  The fresh fragrance rejuvenates, relaxes and refreshes your day with its aromas. 

Pros of Puriso Handcrafted Soaps Coral Island Soap:
·        Awesome fragrance
·        Stays for good time
·        Lathers very well
·        Suitable for all skin type
·        Doesn’t dry your skin

Cons of Puriso Handcrafted Soaps Coral Island Soap:
·        none

Ratings: 5/5

Do I recommend Puriso Handcrafted Soaps Coral Island Soap?

Yes, do buy if you are a coral fragrance lover.

Oriflame The One Illusion Powder Light, Medium & Dark: Review & Swatches

Oriflame has recently launched The One Range for which I have reviewed few of them. Today, I will review their powder. 
What Oriflame The One Illusion Powder Light, Medium & Dark claims:
Compact Powder The ONE IlluSkin Powder
Compact Powder The ONE IlluSkin PowderCompact Powder The ONE IlluSkin with SPF 12 is formed on the basis of technology HaloLight ™, and an excellent way reflects the light from the surface of the skin, making skin flawless. Powder with an ultra-thin silky texture blends perfectly with the skin and does not clog pores.
Basic properties of compact powder The ONE IlluSkin
·         matiruet skin throughout the day;
·         absorbs the natural skin oils;
·         natural appearance at the confluence with the skin;
·         reflects light, making skin flawless;
·         provides the final accent makeup;
·         does not clog the pores of the skin.
Compact Powder The ONE IlluSkin provides the latest focus in the final stages of makeup, matiruya her, giving a beautiful velvety and flawless look.

Howe to apply:
For applying powder, you can use the included applicator, and for hard to reach places a small brush. Powder should be considered as the final touch perfect makeup.
Source: Ebay

Ingredients of Oriflame The One Illusion Powder Light, Medium & Dark: 

Price of Oriflame The One Illusion Powder Light, Medium & Dark:
Rs.640 for 8g

Shades of Oriflame The One Illusion Powder:
This is available in 3 shades namely-
·         Light- best suitable for fair skin,
·         Medium- for fair to wheatish complexion&
·         Dark- dark wheatish complexion. 

My view about Oriflame The One Illusion Powder Light, Medium & Dark:
The foundations that I reviewed few days back had worked very well for me. To get the best look, I have used their compact range that a reviewing today. Though they don’t have any shade for dark beauty, the shade chart of powder will suit most of Indian women due to their wheatish skin tone.
The packaging is like any other compact powder case with sturdy plastic case and is purple in colour.
 This has a nice sponge applicator that will help you spread the powder vey evenly. The built-in vanity mirror helps to touch up your makeup at any given place. 

Friday, 21 November 2014 Website Review

These days online shopping is widely used to buy any required products. You can easily avail the at home without going to nay shopping malls or the local markets. They are also available with many attractive coupons and offers when you get them online. Various websites are valuable that offer awesome offers and discounts.
Coupon Chaska is one such website that gives you many attractive coupons and also recharge up to Rs.120 just within the 10 days of your product purchase from their website.

Coupon Chaska is a website that has many coupons for various products that you want to buy online. Looking for a product to buy online? Never forget to visit Coupon Chaska first. This website gives you free mobile recharge for products that you buy. The coupons of this website are linked with numerous e-commerce shopping websites such as zivame coupons, Flipkart, Amazon, snapdeal, eBay. You can avail this recharge just within the 10 days.

Why choose
There are many website that can give you coupons to do online shopping. But, Coupon Chaska has very simple steps to work like:
·        Select the coupon.
·        Filling the details such as email id, phone number.
·        Visit online store by Coupon Chaska.
·        Buy your needed product to get free mobile recharge.

Sites linked to
·        Amazon
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How to work on
·        Go to to fins many coupons.
·        Select the most needful to you.
·        Click view coupons option.
·        Get the offer code.
·        Go to the selected online website to buy the desired product.
·        Apply this coupon code there.

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